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Andrew MarksMarksman Security Training was founded by Mr Andrew Marks in 1991 with the aim of providing first class training to those wishing to pursue a career within the security industry, and to companies and persons already in the industry wishing to upgrade their skills & knowledge. Andrew has gained considerable expertise and experience in a wide range of security matters whilst a Major in the regular army (1968 - 1988) , as State Manager of MSS Guard Services (1988/89) and a Superintendent in the Australian Protective Service (1990/91) where he was responsible for aviation security for the Adelaide & Sydney (Mascot) Airports.

The courses designed and conducted by our organisation draw on Andrew’s extensive experience in these fields and in the field of adult training. Courses are accredited by the Australian National Training Authority and meet the standards as laid down in Cpp07 – Property Services Training Package approved nationally in 2007.

"If you are willing to learn we are happy to teach"

Marksman is committed to support and promote the safe and lawful use of firearms by responsible members of the community.

Now and into the future, Marksman is committed to:

The development of training services and courses that exceed expectations related to the needs of the security and firearms industry
To build world class infrastructure necessary to support training service and shooting facilities for the community.
To work in co-operation with private and public organisations in the promotion of public safety
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